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Featured Artist - YungPhew

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with YungPhew outta GA, now residing in the A. This young man at just 19 has passion and amazing energy. Our interview was casual, candid, and a generally good time.

He originally comes off as a soft-spoken young man, focused on business and his family. A homebody whose music is inspired by his real life. As a small child, he was surrounded by other young hungry artists, seeing (and laying tracks) in a friend's home studio by the age of 10. He's had a diverse living background; raised by his mother and grandparents. His father passed early on in his life. He lived a time in the 34th Gresham area and others.

YungPhew considers himself a storyteller, as evidenced in his choice of names.

One of his most recent projects to drop was the Storyteller EP dropped in January of 2020.

He plans on continuing to pursue his dream and creating more dope content. Even in his free time, he is always doing music. It's more than just making money for him. Music is a way to cope with his past, communication, and grow his future.

He did tell me his hidden talent. He is another kind of artist. Drawing is a self -taught skill, that was another way of expressing self. Growing up, he would draw characters such as Sonic & Crash Bandicoot In different emotions to express himself through them.

I asked him what's the one thing everyone who knows him would say they love and the answer was his general personality and how he deals with people, and I can believe it.

He says growing up he always felt alone, even when he knew he had the most support. He says this has always kept him humble and grateful.

His "life motto" is "Good Or Bad Never Sad".

Reach out to YungPhew on the following platforms:

Instagram @Mr.2hunnit

Twitter @_Iamyungphew

Snapchat @Sheluvsphew

The full album dropped in March - Sorry I Left:

YungPhew on YouTube

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