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Featured Artist - Taharqa

g This months’ featured artist is Taharqa. His latest album/ drop is….. The Cathedral

Here are a couple of quick facts about what’s soon to be your next favorite Nexx2None artist!!

Laveil Durron Palmore, who performs as Taharqa aka( Lavitacuz,) was born in Joliet Illinois, on July 11, 1984. After writing stories and poetry as a child and a teenager, he decides to write songs after participating

in a freestyle session.

Back in the early 2000s, Taharqa released a series of mixtapes under the name Lavitcuz which brought him a little attention.

In 2016, his second follow-up album "Dark Times" was released.

As the Nexx2None promo princess, I had to take time out and catch up with him and see what the future holds.

So here’s the highlight reel. Taharqa says one of his main focuses is and will always be the music. He’s working on continuing and “completing {his} music journey getting and back into the swing” of things. Including getting back in the studio and starting up his own productions. Just before Covid-19 he was enjoying and looking forward to more performances.

He says he’s appreciating the recognition coming from already listening to the Music and the new fans that have come and are to come.

He’s had a few changes in life as well. Happily married, his family was behind him as he was diagnosed; and beat cancer. With the help of chemo - one of the many reasons fans hadn’t seen much of him since 2017.

During this time..he increased his studies of self, history, culture, and the esoteric.

He feels and I quote “ getting my spiritual enlightenment journey, self-educating and learning more about the world that we live in” are my future goals.

Relevant trivia fact: Taharqa, also spelled Taharka or Taharqo, was a pharaoh of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt and qore of the Kingdom of Kush, from 690 to 664 BC. He was one of the "Black Pharaohs" who ruled over Egypt for nearly a century.

Follow this artist, not only will you get amazing music, gems of knowledge are dropped on the daily!!

Look out for his new project on all major platforms "The Ledger"

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