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Welcome To Coco's Dollhouse

Today I want to take time to thank every indie artists that supports Nexx2None Ent. We Truly see the love and support and we are very grateful for it. I would like to speak on the violence in chicago. All our babies are being murdered in these streets.

What call of action are we going to take to try to get these gangs to come together as one. I for one as well as many of my peers are so tired of burying babies. I loss too many people to gun violence this year. And it is black on black crime at that. We all know where the problem lies, We now must become part of the solving it.

The police can not police our communities better than us. We need to go back to the days of it takes a village to raise a child! Our children need structure. I see alot of hope in these kids eyes everyday and also alot of despair and sadness.

I just feel like we can all do a litttle everyday to be a blessing to a child. They deserve to be happy, productive children not being worried if they going to be murdered before 21! Chicago we must take a stand! enough is enough!! let's protect our babies!!

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