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April 26, 2019



Today I  honor the music style called DJ. A disc jockey often abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience. Most common types of  DJs  include Radio Djs& Club DJs.  They perform  at a nightclub or music festival a turn table-ist who uses record players, usually turntables, to manipulate sounds on phonograph records.


The First Dj name was Theodore Livingston, born March 5, 1963.

Better Known as Grand Wizard  Theodore. He is widely credited as the inventor of the scratching technique. In addition to scratching, he gained credibility for his mastery of needle drops and other techniques in which he invented or perfected. So Kudos to him for paving the way for all our Djs we  know and love.


The music evolved and so did the styles of Djing we went from Dj Cool Herc to Dj Scratch to Afrika Bambaataa. No one can deny that a good Dj makes the party! If the DJ is lit the party will be lit!! Who don't have a favorite Dj? I know alot of great ones doing they thang right now. 


Today Coco's Dollhouse @ NEXX2NONE ENT. salutes you and says keep pushing forward we support all kind of artists, and DJs too!! Love yall, Enjoy your weekend, Signing off,




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