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Welcome To Coco's Dollhouse

Today I want to talk about the impact of Gang Violence in our communities. I live in Chicago, Ill. where the gang activity is a part of everyday life for some of our people. We find a means to an end on these streets. We watch our men go in and out the Jails, and Prisons because of the life a lot of people feel they chose for themselves, I personally understand wanting to feel protected but it is not worth your life!!

I grew up with no real role models besides my parents everyone else I was influenced by either sold drugs, or something illegal for money. I soon become entrapped to the cycle of fast money myself, But when you know better you do better! That is what I am hoping to do today is, Help some young kid understand that It Is Ok To Be A Leader.

Gangs violence is at a all time high right now. No Snitching Rule has been established in our hoods and people just sit back and watch things occur, No one wants to be targeted as the snitch they have to still live there and no one is going to protect them!! I personally think Gangs should go back to organizations and stop killing each other and teach the youth. Otherwise, what does the future hold for our kids?? Think about it!! Thank you, Coco's Dollhouse N2N Ent.

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