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Today I want to talk about the R. Kelly situation. I want to address this shit for the last time and be done with it. First of all, A kid is a kid! Let's get that understood these are someone babies! I grew up listening to R. Kelly just like everyone else in Chicago. I understand that he is a amazing artist. I was just has huge a fan as anyone else. But Don't fuck with the babies! They don't have to be mine for me to go to bat for them.

R.Kelly has gotten away with abusing women for years and nobody stepped in,Why? because his victims were young black girls whom seems to be simply labeled as fast, when the story finally broke recently when R.Kelly was formally charged with counts of underage sex with minors which was videotaped for the second time, R. Kelly got off with this same charge years ago.

I for one will not sit back and accept child rape as a normal lifestyle. I will not ever back up anyone that does it! Not R.Kelly nor the local pastor. If anything it is bogus the way he preyed, and groomed these young naive girls. He should not be respected after that, as anything other than a child rapist. I hope these young women get the justice they deserve. If you are a victim of abuse step up and say something if you can, I promise the situation will get better! I f you get the help you need from support systems.

Basically I muted R.Kelly I do not judge others for listening to him but I will not and can not condone any abuse to black women and girls. I am a black woman with daughters. I AM ALSO A ABUSE SURVIVOR! If it was mine i would be enraged, and I hope they families get the justice they deserve, and I pray these women overcome all they been through and live a very fulfilling life! Have a great Day,Thanks for reading!#N2NLLC

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