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Today I want to talk this Jussie Smollett case. I feel like alot of things they distract us with in the media, so we don't focus on the real important issues that we are affected by in the world today. Jussie Smollet lied about his report of the racist and homopblic attack that he stated happened in Oct. The men arrested for the attack stated they were paid off by Smollett. Police have since with deeper investgation revealed that they were in fact telling the truth. Long story short, this man lied, and wasted tax payers money using uncessary tatics to personal gain. I can't respect that at all.What cost do you sell your soul, lose your morals and values. That's not keeping it real. You don't have to lie to get ahead, just work hard! But in the meantime all these black women and girls are coming up missing or dead. This is why i am writing this blog to entertain but also bring awareness. I plan to use Nexx2none ent. platform as a way to shed light on this subject.These women and girls are loved. Although we hear something about it from their families.We need to speak up and require the police do more when it comes to our community as a whole. We need to hold the media responsible for what they do not report when it comes to us.We can no longer sit back and act like these are just random acts until it happens to you. As a black woman in Chicago i walk the streets and I do not feel safe.. But let's stay focused my people. Let's police ourselves in our community! If someone love ones goes missing help each other out! Always treat the situation as if it is your own family because you would want someone to be there for you. Be Kind Today! #payitforward #NEXX2NONE. Let's not forget about the major crimes that are not being solved everyday. This man is a well known actor who decided to make up a story at a cost that can ruin his life. Moral of the story is stay woke!

Happy FRIYAY!! Signing off until next time!! Peace!!

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