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SonyaB's Thoughts on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood


This episode started off with Hazel E and her young man friend shopping. Then Miss Nicky baby strolled in with her skin tight outfit on. As always she was looking good. That's not the issue with me. My issue was the look on baby boy's face as Nikki strolled in.

Did y'all catch that? In my opinion, Rose is around Hazel cuz he thinks she could put him on. Meaning make him into a star. At the same time, Hazel's looking like she's his sugar mama. Hazel girl you're not that b****. Watch out for him nothing good is going to happen with this supposed relationship. Well, basically Nicki pulled up on Hazel to actually check her on her attitude and her unprofessionalism at Chanel West Coast video shoot. Nikki

has a way of being nice nasty in a way that doesn't offend a person. And it worked. Hazel ended up meeting with Chanel West Coast and basically apologizing to her. Good job Miss Nikki baby.

Moving on. . .

Moniece and her girlfriend (what's her name) and her girlfriends' friend Tiffany.

Well, I think Moniece and Tiffany are right.

Tiffany may not be in love but in strong like with Moniece's girlfriend (what the fuck is her name? ) and Moniece is not really a lesbian. I think Moniece is just having a little fun right now.


Moniece let this girl go right now. Dating a woman is a lot different from dating a man. This girl will really f*** you up for playing with her emotions.

Get out now while you have a chance.


Switching gears. . .

Solo Lucci. Ok, what can I say about Solo Lucci? Well, I'm going to say nothing about him. I want to say something to him. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Your baby mama Sarah is definitely still in love with you. She would not be doing the things she does if she wasn't. Don't let the words that come out of her mouth not you off your pivot. Just know and understand that she is a woman scorned.

QUOTE: From English Author William Congreve.

" Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Definition = no one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love"

Lucci keep your head up. Keep taking care of your responsibilities and keep it moving. #SonyaB's Thoughts

On a lighter note. . .

Did Josh check out Mr/Miss Zell Swag at the pool with Bobee and Fizz? I was so focused on how Zell just changed up his whole swag around the guys that I had to watch this part twice to actually hear and understand what Bobee and Fizz were talking about. When Zell first appeared on the show I just knew he was a gay man, but now I'm not sure. His voice is even different around the guys and he can really pull b****** real fast. I want answers. And I have answers. At the end of this blog, I have added a "Did you know" section that explains it all. Back to Bobee and Fizz. The whole purpose of Bobee's conversation was to let the guys know that he's ready to move on. Meaning move out of Keyshia Cole's house. (His soon to be ex-wife and mother of his son) He's finally ready to get his own spot. I can't help but to thank Brooke Valentine for his decision. Bobee's not fooling me. He is beyond ready to unwrap that chocolate Valentine and don't feel comfortable doing that while still living with his soon-to-be ex-wife. I really respect him for that. Bobee go unwrap that chocolate candy. I ain't mad at you. #GROWNMANSWAG

Moving on. . .

I really and truly commend Masika and Moniece for trying to get Ray (event planner) and Zell Swag

to mend fences, but as we all know when you try to bring two queens that don't like each other together at one table some s*** is going to jump off. That's exactly what happened. S*** went from 0 to 100 real quick. Exactly two minutes and seven seconds ( yes I timed it ) later it was going down. One thing you don't do is mess with another Queens dick. When Zell said that Ray's boy toy (Vick) want to suck on his Magic Stick that really set it off. There's no coming back from that. I don't know what the future holds for these two queens but I will be staying in tune and keeping y'all up to date. Tell next week. This is #SonyaB's Thoughts on Love and Hip-hop Hollywood.

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