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SonyaB's Thoughts on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood

Spirit animal.

This episode started off with Cisco and A-1 just chilling at the bar. Then Moniece showed up with her XxTRA drama. Fall back, girl. In my opinion, Cisco did help Teairra.

He actually did something, unlike Moniece and Nia. I understand where Moniece and Nia are coming from but if a person doesn't think they have a problem then the talks of rehab would really offend a person and could f*** your whole relationship up. Let's just see how this plays out for them.

#SonyaB's Thoughts

Moving on. ..

Y'all know last week I said Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci wasn't worth the ink in my pen. I take that back. I really feel bad for Solo. To have your woman show up at your interview and show her ass it's unprofessional and super embarrassing. Lucci tried so hard to keep it together. He did say a couple of nasty things to Alexis but do you blame him. Shit, Alexis was so wrong for that. Keep your personal life and your feelings at home not at work.

Lucci SonyaB is on your team now. Be strong brother and stop f****** with them damn strippers.

Switching gears...

Safaree...Safaree... bless his soul. This dude is hilarious to me. His heart was in the right place when he called in Hazel E to help on the video shoot for Chanel West Coast. Remember I said HELP not take over. For some reason, Hazel-E thinks she's the s*** and can do and say whatever to whoever. I just have a few words for Hazel. Be humble sit-down. Safaree keep your head up and keep doing what you do brother. #SonyaB's Thoughts.

Let's talk about A1 and his beautiful wife Lyrica. I just love A-1's style from the different scarves he wears to the necklaces he rocks. Maybe I'll send him some of my custom scarves and hats. Just a thought. Anyway.

A1's beautiful wife Lyrica really felt some type of way that she wasn't invited to A-1 and Keyshia Cole's session. I feel you girl. Keyshia Cole is a big name and you should have been there. But I understand why A-1 did not include her for this first session. I love and respect how A-1 just sat there and let his wife vent. He didn't say or do anything.

He just listened. Now that's a man with swag. Lyrica left the room then she came back and A1 reassured his wife that they are a team and will always be a team. Now that's what I'm talking about happy wife happy life and a Porsche is a great start. #SonyaB's Thoughts

Moving on. ..

OMG, a member of the creep Squad is back you know who I'm talking about. That damn Cisco. I really thought he changed. But I guess once a creep always a creep. I really feel bad for Tierra she's going to drink herself into a coma when she finds out about this. Yes, the creep Cisco is creeping. Oh yes, she will find out. Creeps always get caught.Tierra.. be strong and move on.

Alright y'all this episode was called Spirit Animal. The last part of this episode explained to me why. Zell came into the salon and sat down with Masika and actually apologized to her for acting like an animal at her launch party. Not even two minutes later when Ray (event planner) walked in all that s*** went straight out the window. So now we know Zell's spirit animal is the Tasmanian devil. The funny part was how Ray (event planner) screamed like a b**** when Zell tried to attack him. So now we know Ray's Spirit Animal is a Pussy Cat. #SONYAB'S THOUGHTS.

I will be staying in tune and keeping you up-to-date. Till next week. This is #SonyaB's Thoughts on Love and Hip-hop.

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