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SonyaB's Thoughts on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood

Okay, I'm back. #SonyaB's Thoughts on Love and Hip-hop. Let's go.

Let me start by saying this is only episode 4 and I am having the hardest time writing this blog entry. The story lines are all over the place. What the fuck is going on here? But I will try to "MAKE IT HAPPEN".

This episode was called "Got Swag?"

Well, let's try to answer that question.

This episode started off with Masika and Ray (event planner) getting their feet done discussing her guest list for her upcoming Cosmetic launch party. Okay, why is it that she openly called two men "Girls"?

That shit is crazy to me. They should feel some type of way about that. You're not girls. I'm speaking about Ray (event planner) and Zell. Do I think these guys have swag? Hell No. Moving on...

I've been following this franchise since the beginning and all of the ladies on the show have shown their asses at one point or another. So what makes Moniece think that Teairra Mari has a drinking problem. Everyone on the show drinks and almost everyone acts crazy at times. That is one of the things that keep people watching. Moniece "sit" down and shut up. #SonyaB's Thoughts

Let's talk about Booby. I just love the way he calls Brooke Valentine "His Lil Drill baby". That's some sexy shit to me."YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND". They look good together and they really do sound good together. Now do I think Booby "Got Swag"? Hell yeah. #SonyaB's Thoughts

Switching gears...

Let me just say this. I don't think Cisco is falling for Teairra as hard as she is falling for him.

In my opinion, he's trying to stay relevant. Does #SonyaB think Cisco "Got Swag"? Hell no. What do y'all think?

Moving on...

Alexis Skyy and Solo Lucci. All I can say is that neither one of them is worth the ink in my pin."Got Swag"? Hell no.

Moving on...

In my opinion, the person that has the most "swag" is Brooke Valentine.

This chick pulled up on Marcus and told him "I have no panties on and if I did you would be the last person I'd take them off for".

But I am going to take my bare ass over to the Studio with Booby. YES, BITCH WORK IT. Make him wonder and worry. But I have to say I think Marcus Black does have a little Swag about him. Not as much as Brooke but still he has a little Swag. I'm not counting him out yet.

Moving on...

Zell Swag? No. Zell Hag. He is the person that really has no Swag. This person is an embarrassment to the gay and lesbian community. This person is way over the top and looks funny on top of that. He really needs to calm down. He is looking real bad right now. I guess when you start losing good story lines you have to go to the next best thing. PURE RATCHETNESS and that is what Zell is.

#SonyaB's Thoughts

I will be staying in tune and keeping y'all up to date. Tell next time this is #SonyaB's Thoughts on Love and Hip-hop Hollywood.

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