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SonyaB's Thoughts on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood

This is #SonyaB back again with my weekly thoughts on Love and Hip-hop Hollywood. Okay y'all, let's start from the top. I am so proud of Lyrica and A -1's new business venture. Their new Record Label. "RIGHT NOW SOUND" BUT as we know in every business there are going to be some kind of problems especially when it's a husband and wife team and it's the entertainment world.

I really don't blame Lyrica for not wanting to sign other female Artist right now. Besides she's not on yet.But on the other hand, I understand A-1's position as well. This is a business and they started this business to make money. So Lyrica you may need to just play along until "RIGHT NOW SOUND" is in the black.


Moving on to

Alexis Sky and her new man Solo Lucci.

Well, I know this girl is old enough to know about birth control. Whether it be on her to have it or she makes sure he has it. How the Hell can you be with this man for 4 weeks and now thinking you're pregnant? I know how. .. He's an Artist. That's how. If he wasn't an Artist there's no way she would have looked at him twice. ATTENTION ALL MALE ARTISTS...



Moving on to

Teairra Mari and Cisco.

For some reason, I can really see them together long term. There's one thing I don't understand.

Why does Teairra feel the need to sit her so called friends down for dinner to meet Cisco? Teairra, that's your man girl you don't need your friends or family's approval on who you are dating. As far as your friends meeting him that should have just happened naturally. Not an arranged dinner. One more thought on this part. Teairra Mari was clearly Drunk.

#SonyaB's Thoughts

Moving on.

What was the fuck music Ray J and Safaree were listening to in the studio with Hazel E.? They were actually vibing to her rap. Their ears heard something different from mine. Did Ray J really use the words Master Piece? Maybe he needed a drink. #SonyaB's Thoughts

Switching gears.

Brooke Valentine. I really like this chick. I'm not going to rehash episodes 1 and 2 but you can go back and read my first two Blogs. Anyway, this chick is cool with me. She found out her man is cheating on her with his Paralegal name Jade. Brooke went to Jade first before she confronted her man (Marcus Black).

Brooke didn't go there to fight her. She is definitely too classy for that. She showed up just to let Jade know who she is and she's not going anywhere. For now.

Brooke turned around and did the coolest shit. Brooke pulled up on Marcus at a cigar spot where he was just chilling with A-1 and put a dent in his whole day.

Brooke dismissed A-1 and made Marcus produce the Paralegal chick, Jade. OMG shit did not turn out like I thought it would. After Brooke made Marcus give Jade the business letting Jade know that she means nothing to him. Brooke and Marcus walked out the Cigar spot together than Bad Ass Brooke processed to dump Marcus right then and there. She left him standing there looking stupid. Dame right Brooke. That was some cool shit. She didn't have to put hands on anybody. No drinks were thrown. Ladies, please take that's how you handle a cheating male or female.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

I will be staying in tune and keeping y'all up to date. Tell next week. This is #SonyaB's Thoughts on Love and Hip-hop Hollywood

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