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SonyaB's Thoughts on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood

#SONYAB's Thoughts on Love and Hip-hop Hollywood.

Let me start off by saying. Ray J, A-1, and Safari are hilarious to me right now. They actually made a bet on who has the lowest and the highest sperm count. But the kicker is, the person that has the lowest sperm count has to work with Hazel E. If I was Hazel I would feel very offended about that bet. I'm curious to see how she reacts once she finds out.

That damn Safari had me cracking up when he found out he had the Second highest Sperm count.

A-1 had the highest. So only one person is left Ray J. Ray J has the lowest Sperm count. Having the lowest Sperm count is one thing but having to work with Hazel E is another. Is Hazel E really that Bad? I don't think she should be rapping but HELL that's just #SONYAB's Thoughts


Remember last week when we met Alexis and Zell Swag? Well, last week they really didn't have a good introduction. But this week is a whole different story. They actually sat down and had a real conversation.

This Alexis chick ain't playing. She is here on a mission. That mission is to fuck with Masika and make her life a living hell. Masika is doing everything she can to stay away from Alexis.

Well if you don't know the story, here it is. Alexis was dating a rapper named Fetty Wop. Masika met him while he was on Tour. They fucked and Masika got pregnant and she had the baby and is making it very public. So Alexis, of course, finds out about it and now wants to fuck Masika up. That's the break down of the story. Now people please tell me why Alexis is chasing Masika? Her problem should be with her man. These Ladies know how entertainers are on or off Tour. Hell, Y'ALL not married. Chase him and not her Boo. That goes back to what I said last week. " Lady's fighting over men that don't give NO FUXX about them"


Moving on.

Brooke Valentine. I really feel for her now. Her man that she really Loves (Marcus Black) is a D-O-G. We just learned that he's fuckin his Divorce Attorney. After finding out he's still married to now having a relationship with his Divorce Attorney. Brooke, please let this D-O-G go girl. You can do better.


I know there are more people I can bring up in this Blog. But I'll wait.

I will be staying in tune and keeping y'all up to date with the drama as it unfolds. Untell next week. This is

#SONYAB's THOUGHTS on Love and Hip-hop Hollywood.

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