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SonyaB's Thoughts on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood

OMG. Is that Keyshia Cole I see? What's really going on in the

music industry? Is it that bad out there Keyshia? I know your Show is no longer airing, but REALLY? I was shocked to see you on this Show. I guess you got to do, what you gotta do. I totally understand and I'm not mad at you for it. Get that money, honey. Now, moving on. Hazel E. Let's talk about her. Hazel E. Came back with a new face and a new body, along with a new attitude. I always thought she looked like a drag queen, but now she actually looks like a female. Good job Hazel, but please stop rapping that's not your lane. Okay; somebody PLEASE tell me, who is that dude with the braids that acts and looks like he has a pound of sugar in his tank? WHAT'S HIS NAME? I'LL WAIT. Moving on. I just have to say, I love me some Miss Nicky Baby. She is gorgeous, her family is rich and she acts like it. She herself doesn't have any real talent, but she brings that SEXY to the show. Eye candy is always good. Moniece, Moniece, what can I say about Miss Moniece? Pick a lane boo. Is it P or V? Mother or Surrogate? Singer or Nah? #SONYAB's Thoughts Moving on. Brooke Valentine

I feel for you girl. Brooke is talented and pretty, but Your Man.... I don't know about him. Is he still Married or not? Either way, he Tricked you girl. I can feel your pain. Just stay pretty and keep it moving. SWITCHING GEARS What's up with the girl Fights? Ladies are fighting over men that don't give NO FUXX about them. He's Fucking y'all and y'all fighting. WHY? There are some new people on the Show now. I will be touching on everyone as the Season goes on. I think this Season of Love and Hip-hop Hollywood will be the most entertaining Season ever. I will be staying in tune and keeping y'all up to date with the Drama as it unfolds. Until next time. I'm #SONYAB #NEXX2NONE

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