Quavie GotemCrazy

Quavie GotEmCrazy is an up and coming rap artist in Chicago and the surrounding areas. She’s been on her grind for several years and has already made a name for herself locally. Born and raised in Aurora, IL the third child out of her parents 8 children. Quavie always had a love for music, she enjoyed singing around the house, which led her to perform in many talent shows. Thanks to a very nurturing mother who encourage her at a very early age to pursue her dreams helped mold Quavie into the person she is today.  She developed her talent by listening to her mother sing and hearing a lot of her mother’s R & B records. At the age of 11 is when Quavie started to write her own songs. Quavie has always had a strong presence and she proved it on songs like “Bad Bitch”, “Malicious”, and "End of The Day" which is her current release. Her every day hustle is writing lyrics and laying those tracks down to make the ones that don’t know why Quavie GotEmCrazy.

Quavie Fly 1.jpg