• FTG (Faith The Great)

BIO - Faith Puckett or "Faith the Great" was born September 17th in Ever Green Park, Illinois. Only sister to two brothers and raised by her and mother and father. Faith is a vocalist and song writer. At the young age of nine she began writing and singing in her local church regularly. 

During attendance to Harold L. Richards high school Faith mentioned getting inspiration from popular artist such as Lauryn Hill, Eminem, and Micheal Jackson. She wanted to share and inspire others with her art but found it hard to attract the right audience. Continuing to write and beginning to perform she began to appeal to a wider audience outside of her home town.  After graduating top of her class in 2014 Faith is now attending Northern Illinois University, were she performs shows in or around surrounding areas. Signing with Nexx2None Entertainment. in 2015 Faith is planning her debut mix tape later this year. She would love to be able to collaborate with Missy Elliot and inspire young people with talent to keep on pushing towards their dreams and goals. 

"I live with my passion, I am my passion, I don't think it could ever go away."

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